This is a passion project of mine. I'm a huge fan of meal subscription kits and I am a current subscriber to HelloFresh. As a consumer, I like the product and service. As a designer I see opportunities where visuals could be improved. I took it upon myself to do a lite re-design.

Please note: This is a personal exploration project. I have never worked for Hello Fresh.

Current HelloFresh

HelloFresh has done a great job of making sure their site is ADA compliant. I did a lite audit and pulled some current styles on HelloFresh. See them below.

Refreshed HelloFresh

I wanted to update the HelloFresh colors by removing some of the yellow that's currently in the brand colors. I also wanted to create a more simplified app icon that will help this ap stand out in a sea of app icons on a phone screen.

Working within the CMS

It was very clear to me that the HelloFresh pre-member experience was created using a CMS. Having worked in Drupal and Wordpress, I understand how these systems function and how to design for flexibility within individual sections.

I started with identifying some of the layouts that I saw on the visitor home page.

New Cards

We eat with our eyes first so obviously the image of the meal is paramount…followed by the name and description. But there is tertiary information that is also important to members. How do you prioritize what most important for people and show it on a card without overloading the card with too much info?
What are some other things that might be deciding factors for members when selecting meals? There are tags such as “Taste Tours” but what does that mean? It tells me a time, but time is relative to how big someone’s kicthen is, how well they know their kitchen, how fast they chop things, or if a person has a disability that prevents them from moving as fast.

Empathetic lexicon and inclusive icons

SEO The Family Friendly icon currently shows a heterosexual couple that appears to be white. This is not inclusive for same sex couples, or couples that have more than one child, or people of color or even single parents. In my updated designs below, I used a more non-conforming icon.
SEO One thing I’ve learned from working at WW is people are very sensitive about language especially as it realtes to weight management. While weight management might not be a primary business goal for HelloFresh, it’s possible that some members might have it as a personal goal. When selecting the “Number of people”, that language is a bit insensitive to people who might struggle with weight and don’t want to think of the amounts they eat in terms of how many other people can eat what they are eating in one sitting. In my designs below, I replaced “people” with “servings”.

HelloFresh offered lunch kits for people to bring to work or for kids to bring to school?

These can be quick low effort recipes that are easy for adults and children to follow.

HelloFresh had a cooking show that gave contestants a chance to create a 6 step recipe using HelloFresh ingredients.

That recipe can then be entered into the HelloFresh Hall of Fame where members can make it part of their weekly selections.